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Broward County Auto Tags 7771 WEST OAKLAND PARK BLVD.  SUITE 240   SUNRISE, FL 33351


For over 25 years, we have watched our community and your family grow. We thank you for following us as our family grows. As of October 1st 2016 Freedom Insurance Agency and Broward County Auto Tag Center have moved to our new location nearby. Please make note of our new address, where you can expect the same great staff and the same great service.

(Located behind Walmart on University Dr./Oakland Park Blvd)


Broward County Auto Tag Center is South Florida’s premier choice for exceptional tag and title service! 

We offer a full range of registration, tag and title services to our neighboring Broward, Dade and Palm Beach community residents and businesses and all of Florida. 

Established in 1989, our many years of prompt, professional service and exceptional customer relations have afforded us leadership status in the Florida tag and title industry. 

Avoid long lines and wait times!

At Broward County Auto Tag Center, you won’t have to “Take a Number” or even wait in line! Our dedicated, knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in quick, efficient fashion so you can get on with your day. Same day service available.

Why Choose Broward County Auto Tag Center?

  • centralized location
  • expert tag service
  • expert title service
  • bilingual customer service
  • same day service/weekend availability


License Plate Collection Suggestions

Broward County Auto Tags Center

After becoming intrigued with the idea of license plate collecting, I discovered another great website regarding this exciting, fun-for-all-ages hobby.  With its clever name,, I wasn’t surprised to find some terrific suggestions, and then some!

First and foremost, a little knowledge goes a long way.  As some plates hold more value than others due to factors such as vintage,  state, condition and popularity, to name a few, it is always a wise idea to do a bit of research on pricing to ensure you will be paying a fair market price for any given plate.  Collecting license plates is “one of the more affordable hobbies going,” and ebay and your local Want Ads may provide great insight and starting points to observe pricing trends and availability, etc.  (Interestingly, ebay is currently selling a full set of all 50 states for $196.95.  But have the fun is seeking and finding the plates, of course!

More often than not, most folks start out by seeking a license plate from each of the 50 states.  According to, this should only set you back approximately $150—not bad, considering that averages to about $3 per plate. Just think of all the fun you will have trying to locate and purchase all 50 states, let alone the challenge of keeping the cost to a minimum!  Many folks maintain a separate notebook to record all find information—including purchase amounts of each, of course–as this will prove valuable “down the road” with future purchase and sales, etc. (Interestingly, ebay has a current listing for a set of all 50 states for $196.95.  I don’t know about you, but more than half the fun is hunting for each plate—and bargaining too, of course!))

Other great collection ideas as depicted on PL8S’s website include collecting plates:

Exclusively from your year of birth or any other given year

Dealer plates

Plates of a certain color or color combination

Plates with animal themes

Foreign plates

Motorcycle plates

So whatever you decide, you are sure to enjoy your new pastime.  Who knows?  With a little luck, it just may be you who finds the “Holy Grail” of all license plates—a 1921 plate from Alaska!  Happy Hunting!