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Broward County Auto Tag Center is the smart choice for all disabled driver-related services.   Our convenient location and knowledgeable, courteous staff is always available to promptly facilitate the procedural application process for you should the need for a handicap parking permit and/or wheelchair license plate arise.

Disabled Parking Permits

Pursuant to Florida law, each of the following conditions is deemed a “qualifying disability” in order to qualify and be eligible for a disabled Florida parking permit:

  • Legally blind (as certified by a licensed optometrist)
  • Unable to walk 200 feet without the use of or assistance from either another individual or any type of assistance device including, without limitation,  a leg brace, cane, and/or prosthetic device.  (It is important to note, however, that if the assistance device significantly restores your ability to walk without extensive limitation, you are ineligible for the same.)
  • Permanent wheelchair use
  • Lung disease (meeting the following medical criteria:  arterial oxygen is less than 60 mm/hg on room air at rest and/or spirometry reading of forced expiratory volume for one second is less than one liter)
  • Portable oxygen usage
  • Cardiac Class III or Class IV condition (pursuant to the American Heart Association standards)
  • Walking severely limited due to arthritic, neurological and/or orthopedic condition

In addition to the lawful use of designated handicap parking spaces, Florida disabled parking permits also provide free parking at Florida metered spaces for up to a maximum of four (4) hours.

Wheelchair License Plates

How to get a handicapped sticker in FloridaWheelchair license plates represent the most common specialty tag today.  In order to qualify and receive a Florida handicap tag, however, it is first necessary to obtain a disabled parking permit (as indicated above).   It is important to keep in mind that your new Florida handicap auto tag will have the same expiration date as your current Florida license plate (which you are qualified to surrender upon your receipt of the new handicap tag).

Let the experts at Broward County Auto Tag Center assist you in obtaining your Florida disabled parking permit and/or handicap license plate.    We will provide you the necessary form(s) for your medical professional’s certification, simplify the procedure process for you, and obtain everything you need in quick fashion.  In need of replacement handicap permit or tag?  Have questions on the handicap renewal process?  We at Broward County Auto Tag Center are always readily available to assist you, and we’ll get you covered in no time.  Call of our offices today.