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Broward County Auto Tag Center

Let our team of experts assist you with all of your tag needs!  Whether it’s a new tag, a tag transfer or a tag renewal you require, we at Broward County Auto Tag Center have got you covered!  State of Florida requirements include the following:

  • Auto TagsContact Us for your specialty license plate in Broward FL
  • Dealer Tags
  • Motorcycle Tags
  • Replacement Tags
  • Temporary Tags
  • Trailer Tags
  • Transport Tags
  • Handicap License Plates

Interested in a Florida specialty plate and/or personalized plate for your vehicle? Our friendly office staff will provide you up-to-the-minute information on all available selections and will gladly assist you with the same! Note that up to seven (7) characters may be chosen for an automobile, and up to six (6) characters may be chosen for a motorcycle. Some of today’s popular specialty plate themes include:

  • Florida College and University License Plates
  • Support our Troops License Plates
  • Wildlife Related License Plates
  • Environment Related License Plates
  • Support Your Cause License Plates

With over a hundred different plates from which to choose, it’s now easy to “Express Yourself” with our Express Service! Need more information? Contact us today!